Rent This House

This beautiful heritage house is available for event rentals. Choose Walker House for your birthday, anniversary, shower, wedding, staff party... Our main floor has two fully licensed rooms for your use: an all-purpose room and a dining room. Total occupancy is 50.

New Rental Rates:  2021 Walker House Rental Rates

Evening Downstairs                                    $300
Daytime Downstairs                                    $250
All Day                                                         $400
Business Meeting *                                     $ 100
All evening rentals are to vacate premises by 11:00 p.m.
Surcharge of $100 will be applied for extended use 11 p.m. to midnight.
*Business meeting maximum 2 hours & fewer than twenty people, or at the discretion of the Administrator or the Board.
phone:  396-1850

The Industry Room will cater, or you are welcome to bring in your own food - we have a small kitchen for those last-minute preparations. We also have dishes and cutlery you can borrow.

You may purchase alcohol from our Industry Room when the bar is open. If our bar is not open and you wish to serve alcohol, you will need to apply online for a Special Occasion Permit through the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and have PAL (Party Alcohol Liability) Insurance.